Consulting and specialized technical assistance

We offer our clients, at their request, professional consulting services and specialized technical assistance. We provide this service for technical reasons, taking into account that we must support the client in making the most appropriate and effective decisions related to our products.

Development of technical specifications for product use and installation

There are various situations when such a service is needed. We are aware that providing a product is only the beginning of the relationship with our customers, so we provide customer support through technical installation manuals, which offer answers to questions like: Where to install the product? How to install the product? How the product should be used and where the system is assembled? What are the storage conditions? What is the optimum working environment of the product? Which is the life cycle of the product? We believe that such support is a way to improve the sustainability of our products.

Product delivery at the recipient

If the situation demands or at request, Vulcom can provide transportation and delivery of products to established customers in the shortest time and in the best conditions. We developed all these related services in an effort to meet all the needs, requirements and demands of our customers. We strongly believe that only quality products and services can lead to customer satisfaction, which is our primary goal.

Design and manufacture of molds

Most times the customer needs rubber products, but without providing the necessary molds for their execution. Therefore, to meet the needs of our clients, we specialized in mold design and execution in order to achieve the required products.

Design and development of technical specifications and drawings for our products

As specialists in manufacturing rubber products we understood that developing such a service is a requirement to effectively support our clients' needs.